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Trinity College Dublin

Technology Enhanced Learning

The area of Technology Enhanced Learning involves the convergence of educational theory and best practice, innovative web technologies and, adaptivity and personalisation.

KDEG has an international reputation for innovative research in technology enhanced learning. In particular, this has seen success in EU research projects (Prospect, Gestalt, EASEL, iClass and ELEKTRA ) as well as national projects (ADAPT, National Digital Learning Repository).

Aspects researched include:

  • Pedagogically Driven Personalised eLearning Design Methodolgies
  • Methodologies (Integrating Technical & Pedagogic Concerns) to Develop on-line Modules & Interactive Adaptive Learning Objects
  • Automated Composition of Learning Resources (Adaptive & Non Adaptive)
  • Service Oriented Learning Platforms
  • Interoperability and Exchange between eLearning Services
  • Learner Modelling and Learner Portals