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Trinity College Dublin


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Platform for User Centred Design and Evaluation of Context-Aware Adaptive Services
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Enterprise Ireland, Technology Development Grant
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October 1, 2005 - September 30, 2008

This project is developing a platform for the user-centred design and evaluation of adaptive, context-aware services for the wireless, mobile and pervasive computing markets. The platform is an integrated set of tools that allows models of adaptive service behaviour to be captured and used to evaluate the user’s experience in using the implemented service in different contexts. The platform uses a 3D virtual reality environment to deliver repeatable, instrumented, context-dependent evaluations. Service developers will benefit from reduced development costs and more effective user-empowering services. Initially we plan commercialisation to target the location aware service development market.

KDEG’s contribution focusses on the user-centred design and testing of context-aware adaptive services. It is innovative in applying a semantic model-driven approach to the tight integration of the rapid prototyping of adaptive service behaviour and the efficient evaluation of its usability. This approach is novel in directly aiming to reduce the cost and improving the accuracy of user-centred evaluation of adaptive services by the easy configuration of simulations of a wide range of real-world settings for user invocation of the services, e.g. indoor and outdoor, single user and collaborative, ad hoc or structured, cellular or WLAN access etc. As adaptive services exhibit a range of behaviour, the aim is not to verify the correctness of system behaviour but to verify that it operates within a well defined behavioural envelope given for specific regions of the possible context space that corresponds to the overall testing goals.

People Involved: David Lewis, Vincent Wade, Eleanor O'Neill, Kris McGlinn