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Publication news for Digital Humanities 2013

News Date: 
February 6, 2013

CULTURA team have had three papers accepted at DH2013. These include "Normalisation in Historical Text Collections" by Lawless, Hampson, Mitankin and Gerdjikov (Poster), "The FAST-CAT: Empowering Cultural Heritage Annotations" by Munnelly, Hampson, Ferro and Conlan (Full Paper), "CULTURA: Supporting Professional Humanities Researchers" by Sweetnam, Bailey, O'Siochru and Conlan (Short Paper).

Grimes and Lawless also has a paper accepted, "Linked Data for Music Collections: A User-Centred Approach".

A CULTURA paper by our colleagues from the University of Padua was also accepted, titled "An Evaluation of the Involvement of General Users in a Cultural Heritage Collection" by Agosti, Benfante, Manfioletti, Orio and Ponchia.