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Trinity College Dublin

PhD researching “An Open Model Approach for Adaptive Web Systems”

Closing Date: 
June 12, 2011

This research will be focused on investigating techniques and technologies to support and open model approach to adaptivity and personalisation in adaptive web systems.

With the ever increasing volume of content on the web, authored for different needs and in different contexts - the user is left with the daunting task of searching, navigating and repurposing these resources for his/her own needs and requirements. Adaptive systems are attempting to bring personalisation to the web, to ensure that both media (content) and services are tailored to the user’s personal preferences, goals and context thus enhancing the user’s experience of the web.

Traditionally, a closed model approach is used in adaptive systems, whereby proprietary models that describe aspects of the system and the environment including the user, the domain and the presentation strategy all need to be defined in advance. These systems also need the content which will be used in the generation of web-based experiences for the user to be in a defined format and described using a specific metadata standard. This need to produce large quantities of high quality metadata is an expensive task which results in silos of high quality metadata. These silos are often underutilised due to the proprietary nature of the content described by the metadata and the perceived value of the metadata itself. The reliance of adaptive systems upon bespoke, proprietary content and models restricts the ease of adoption, scalability and accessibility of such technologies.

The goal of this research will be to investigate and develop innovative techniques and technologies to support an open model approach for adaptive web systems. This open model approach will utilise the vast volume of data available on the WWW to dynamically generate models and source content for use in adaptive systems. A number of web technologies have emerged in recent years which make this Open Model achievable. Linked Open Data (LOD) is a practical approach to exposing, sharing and connecting content via the WWW. The structure and links exposed in LOD repositories can be leveraged quickly. This structure has real value in adaptive systems as it describes both the content and the domain.

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