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Trinity College Dublin

Pervasive Services, Context & Management

The vision of pervasive computing promises a world where computing power is increasingly integrated into the fabric of everyday life so as to unobtrusively assist us in our day-to-day tasks. This is assisted by a wireless network of personal mobile devices and wireless sensors observing the environment and our actions within it and delivering this as context to adaptive applications. Achieving this vision requires the development of systems exhibiting unprecedented level of adaptivity that is needed to deal with extreme heterogeneity in user requirements, applications, forms of context data, network and computing platforms.

In KDEG, out interest in pervasive computing is primarily in how to handle this heterogeneity and how to administer the complexity of the systems that may result. The specific aspects of this area we address are:

  • Knowledge based interoperability, integration and engineering techniques in handling heterogeneity when composing context and services.
  • The repeatable evaluation of pervasive computing systems
  • Autonomic Pervasive Computing: minimising or eradicating the administrative overhead in operating pervasive computing environment
  • The role of user specified policies and user models in governing autonomic pervasive computing environments.