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Trinity College Dublin


Academic Staff

Name Position Extension
Prof. Jane Grimson Professor 1780
Prof. Declan O'Sullivan Associate Professor, Head of Discipline: Intelligent Systems 3754
Prof. Vincent Wade Professor 2091
Prof. Inmaculada Arnedillo-... Assistant Professor 3661
Prof. Owen Conlan Associate Professor 2158
Prof. Lucy Hederman Assistant Professor, Director Centre for Health Informatics (CHI) 2245
Prof. Séamus Lawless Assistant Professor 1766
Prof. David Lewis Assistant Professor, Director Knowledge and Data Engineering Group (KDEG) 8428
Prof. Mary Sharp Assistant Professor 2732
Prof. Gaye Stephens Assistant Professor 1233
Prof. Joeran Beel Assistant Professor
Dr. Bojan Bozic Research Fellow
Dr. Rob Brennan Senior Research Fellow 8426
Dr. Kevin Feeney Senior Research Fellow 2181
Dr. Conor Gaffney Research Fellow 8431
Dr. Anton Gerdelan Research Fellow 8431
Dr. Bridget Kane Research Fellow 2381/3466
Dr. Kevin Koidl Research Fellow 1335
Dr. Killian Levacher Research Fellow 1335
Dr. Kris McGlinn Research Fellow 8431
Dr. Ian O'Keeffe Research Fellow 4910
Dr. Neil Peirce Research Fellow/Technology Lead, Learnovate Centre 4910
Dr. Athanasios Staikopoulos Research Fellow 1335
Dr. Eddie Walsh Research Fellow/Technology Lead, Learnovate Centre 4910

Research Staff

Name Position Extension
Mr. Arturo Calvo Research Fellow/Senior Research Software Developer 4244
Mr. Domenico de Feo Research Assistant for Emizar
Mr. Odhran Gavin Research Assistant
Mr. Peter Gillis Communications Lead/Researcher, Learnovate Centre 4910
Ms. Sinead Gorham Administrative Officer - ADAPT 1797
Mr. Evangelos Kapros UI/UX Lead, Learnovate Centre 4910
Mr. Luca Longo Research Assistant 1335
Mr. Alfredo Maldonado Research Fellow
Ms. Hilary McDonald Project Manager, CNGL 4244
Mr. Gary Munnelly Research Assistant for CULTURA

Research Students

Name Position Extension
Mr. Haseeb Ahmad Khan Research Student 8431
Ms. Fatima Al Harbi Research Student 8431
Mr. Mostafa Bayomi Research Student 3129
Mr. Bryan Boyle Research Student
Ms. Aoife Brady Research Student
Ms. Soledad Castellano Research Student
Ms. Rebekah Clarke Research Student
Mr. Sean Dowling Research Student
Ms. Theresa Doyle Research Student
Mr. Michael Glienecke Research Student
Mr. Annariina Koivu Research Student
Mr. Gary Lefman Research Student
Mr. Jamie McGann Research Student
Ms. Marion McGinn Research Student
Mr. Aonghus McGovern Research Student
Dr. Alan Meehan Research Fellow
Mr. John Moran Research Student 8431
Dr. Catherine Mulwa Research Student
Ms. Eileen O' Donnell Research Student 1335
Mr. Ramy Shosha Research Student
Mr. Brendan Spillane Research Student 1335
Mr. Paul Stynes Research Student
Mr. PJ Wall Research Student
Mr. Yu Xu Research Student 1335
Mr. Bilal Yousuf Research Student 4993


Name Position
Mr. Eoin Bailey Research Software Developer
Dr. Urvesh Bhowan Research Fellow
Dr. Aidan Boran Research Student
Dr. Liam Brown Research Student
Dr. Kevin Carey Research Student
Mr. Philip Cass Research Student
Dr. Seung-Hwa Chung Research Student
Dr. Colm Conroy Research Student
Mr. Seamus Coogan Marketing Lead, Learnovate Centre
Mr. Brian Cullen Research Staff
Mr. Stephen Curran Research Assistant
Dr. Declan Dagger Research Fellow
Dr. Zohar Etzioni Research Student
Mr. Davey Faherty Research Assistant for AMAS
Dr. Liam Fallon Research Student
Mr. Leroy Finn Research Assistant
Mr. David Foley Research Assistant
Mr. Kevin Foley Research Student
Dr. Bo Fu Research Student
Mr. Brian Gallagher Research Assistant
Mr. Mark Gargan Research Assistant
Dr. M. Rami Ghorab Research Fellow
Dr. Yvette Graham Research Fellow
Dr. Song Guo Research Student
Dr. Cormac Hampson Research Fellow
Dr. Martin Harrigan Research Fellow
Mr. Colin Harris Research Staff
Ms. Paula Hicks Project Manager, CHI
Mr. Steffen Higel Research Student
Mr. Eamonn Hynes Research Student
Dr. Dominic Jones Research Fellow
Dr. Benjamin Jung Lecturer
Ms. Michelle Kearns Research Student
Dr. John Keeney Research Fellow
Mr. Austin Kenny Research Student
Mr. Thomas Knappe Research Student
Ms. Nelia Lasierra Beamonte Visiting Research Student
Mr. David Lynch Research Student
Dr. Victoria Macarthur Research Student
Dr. Basel Magableh Research Fellow
Mr. Paul Mara Research Student
Dr. John McAuley Research Student
Dr. Ronan McDonnell Visiting Researcher
Dr. Adam Moore Research Fellow
Mr. Ciarán Moore Research Student
Dr. Alexander O'Connor Research Fellow
Dr. Tony O'Donnell Research Student
Dr. Eleanor O'Neill Research Fellow
Dr. Deirdre O'Regan Research Fellow
Ms. Claudia Orellana-Rodriguez Research Student
Dr. Ruaidhri Power Research Student
Mr. Gordon Power Research Assistant
Dr. Karl Quinn Research Student
Dr. Rachael Rafter Research Fellow
Mr. Cliff Redmond Research Staff
Ms. Marian Reeves Research Student
Ms. Paula Roberts Lecturer
Mr. Dominik Roblek Research Student
Mr. Antoine Roelens Visiting Student Intern
Dr. Melike Sah Research Fellow
Mr. Jesus Solis Visiting Student Intern
Dr. YuQian Song Research Student
Dr. Melanie Spaeth Research Student
Dr. Ben Steichen Research Student
Mr. Clay Stevens Research Student
Dr. Wei Tai Research Fellow
Dr. Hendrick Thomas Research Student
Mr. Christos Tsarouchis Research Student
Dr. Sergey Tsvetkov Research Student
Dr. Brian Walshe Research Fellow
Mr. Peter Williams Research Student
Ms. Yang Yang Research Assistant
Dr. Dong Zhou Research Fellow