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Trinity College Dublin


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Managed Extensible Control Plane for Knowledge-Based Networking
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Science Foundation Ireland, Research Frontiers Programme 2006
October 1, 2006 - September 30, 2009

This project addresses the problem of deploying and managing a global semantic event network, over which event messages are efficiently routed from producers to consumers based on the meaning of their content. It aims to allow novel networking features to be added incrementally, such as the routing based on the trust that consumers place in producers or the similarity, rather than matching, of the meaning of messages to the interest of the consumer. This is delivered within a flexible management framework that enables incremental roll-out and encourages innovation.

The approach taken is to develop an open, extensible control plane for a global event service, based on semantically rich messages. This will be achieved by the novel application of control plane separation and semantic-based matching to Content-Based Networks. However, the primary benefits derive from exploiting peer-clustering techniques for distributed ontology queries to achieve efficient aggregation of semantic queries. The clustering of super-peers using decentralised policy engineering delivers the incremental deployment of new peer-clustering strategies. This will be demonstrated by implementing trust-awareness and semantic interoperability in a composite routing control scheme.