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Trinity College Dublin

The Fagel Library

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The Fagel Library
Funding Body: 
Philanthropic Funding
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January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2015

Creating a digital resource from the geographical content of the Fagel Library: The Fagel Library, acquired by the College in 1803, contains within it one of the finest collections of maps and atlases from the period 1600-1800 anywhere in the world. The collection is peerless in terms of the state of preservation of this material, and is truly comprehensive in scope. The collection includes some 2,800 large format individual map sheets, 80 large format atlases of which many are beautifully coloured containing 7,000 maps and a further 3,000 items of a cartographical nature contained in a collection of 700 travel books and journals. The maps sheets and the majority of atlases have been digitised to a high resolution at full scale, and a database has been created for both. The purpose of this project is to define how these resources can now be exploited as research tools and as gateways to collaboration with third party institutions.