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Trinity College Dublin


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Educator Access to Services in the Electronic Landscape
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Funding Body: 
European Commission IST Framework Programme 5
KDEG Contact: 
February 1, 2000 - April 30, 2003

The purpose of the EASEL project was to explore the standards and technologies that could be brought together to facilitate educators in the assembly of courses through the assembling and re-using existing content and services. This assembly was highly novel as traditional learning content represented by metadata standards/specifications such as LOM and IMS Metadata was combined with non-traditional adaptive learning resources in the form of services.

KDEG was responsible for the design and development of these novel services with a particular focus on adapting the content delivered to the learner’s pre-existing knowledge and preferred mode of learning. This service facilitated ease of integration with existing standards-based Learning Management Systems, thus enabling this interactive content to be delivered as part of seemingly traditional eLearning courses.

People Involved: