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Trinity College Dublin

Dacura Data Curation Platform

Dacura is a dataset curation system developed within KDEG for creating high-quality structured datasets and publishing them to the web. Using a set of manual and automatic tools, it helps users to manage their datasets from initial harvesting to publication as linked data.

Dacura is built on RDF graph-based data technology but hides this from most users below domain-specific, task-oriented, user interfaces.


Real-world linked data applications need high-quality datasets. From automatic semantic checking to tools for harvesting expert analysis, Dacura focuses on ensuring that data quality is maintained at every stage of the dataset production process


Dacura offers tools to enable users to harness the power of the crowd. Train communities of users and experts in data harvesting, refinement, and interpretation. Reward them for completing tasks, and track their progress as their skills improve.


Dacura provides easy ways of making datasets available on the web. From links into the web of data to graphs, charts, and maps, datasets can be published in a variety of ways.

Knowledge Extraction

Dacura builds on the KDEG work on semantic interoperability with tools for data import, enrichment and annotation as part of a larger, managed data-set.


Dacura is focused on easing the data management challenges over the full data life-cycle.