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Trinity College Dublin

CTVR: Self Managed Networks

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Self Managed Networks, Part of the Emerging Networks Strand of CTVR
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Science Foundation Ireland CSET
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February 24, 2006

The Centre for Telecommunications Value-Chain Research (CTVR) is focused on applying a value-chain perspective to research aimed at realizing the next generation of telecommunications networks. It brings together a multi-disciplinary group of researchers drawn from many Irish Universities together with a carefully chosen set of industrial partners to work on those engineering and scientific challenges that will make the most difference to the telecommunications networks of the future. Self-management requires dynamic mapping of human management goals to enforceable policies across a system. Self-management implies adaptive systems reacting to changing context. Policy enforcement is the constraint of that adaptivity, i.e. policies constrain the reaction to context change that a system component exhibits. We need therefore to auto-map human policies onto heterogeneous units of adaptivity across a particular value chain or workflow. A policy engineering activity in which such a mapping occurs will typically address a specific chain or flow within more richly connected network of managed components.

In this activity KDEG is investigating support for a knowledge based approach to such policy engineering focusing on: the refinement of policies applied to communications systems represented by composition of semantic services, and the knowledge based delivery of contextual knowledge between policy decisions points that require context to evaluate a policy rules. To support these two research strands, we are developing infrastructure for the generation of ontology-based management knowledge as well as a framework for measuring and comparing knowledge based techniques for managing context-driven self-management policies.

People Involved: John Keeney, David Lewis, Declan O'Sullivan, Vincent Wade, Kevin Foley, Kevin Feeney, Song Guo, Christos Tsarouchis