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Trinity College Dublin

Community Based Policy Management

Community Based Policy Management (CBPM) is a novel technology which has been developed at TCD to allow the automated enforcement of an organisation’s high level goals by mapping them into declarative policy rules. It differs from previous policy-based management approaches, in its unique and novel use of the community as the fundamental structural abstraction.

It allows groups within an organisation to form self-managing communities within precisely defined boundaries. Restricting the interconnection of different businesss and IT rules in this way minimises the portion of an organisation’s rule set that a community needs in order to self-manage, while clear providence of rules ensures the causes of conflicts between policies authored in different parts of an organisation are immediately identified thereby quickening their resolution. This allows an organisation’s structure to evolve over time as new communities with varying levels of autonomy are formed and new resources are delegated between them.

The implementation of CBPM has been developed in a way that it can be made available to online communities as a web service. This allows the online community, and its sub-communities, to manage their IT resources through the system, and most importantly, to collaboratively manage it organisational structure. This provides support for decentralised, autonomous management of shared resources in such a way that it mirrors the structure of the community as it evolves.

This technology is being applied in a number of research areas, including the decentralised management of dynamic access to the radio frequency spectrum (see CTVR plus a short explanatory video ), ubiquitous computing environments (see M-Zones ) and the management of online-communities.


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