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Trinity College Dublin


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Adaptive Plug-in for Run-time Composition of Personalised eLearning and Adaptive Simulations
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Enterprise Ireland: Technology Development Phase of Commercialisation Initiative
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November 1, 2005 - November 30, 2007

ADAPT is a joint project between the Knowledge and Data Engineering Group (KDEG), Department of Computer Science and the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Dublin, Trinity College. ADAPT is the first of a number of research commercialisation projects within KDEG. Fundamentally, ADAPT investigates a range of issues such as system and service interoperability, federated user model exchange, personalisation and adaptivity in simulations and games, complex model composition and user-driven analysis and design. One of the primary short term business directions for ADAPT will be in the area of personalised simulations and communication skills.

Based on an expanding knowledge of general communication skills and in conjunction with bleeding edge teaching methods and technologies, the scope of simulated communication skills training has vastly increased. A range of novel and innovative approaches to interactive and engaging personalised simulations for education is being developed under ADAPT.

These novel solutions draw on a wealth of experience in user empowerment, through adaptivity and personalisation, and communication skills training to provide sophisticated levels of engagement never before possible. For further information on the various products and services on offer by ADAPT and to “try it for yourself”, please feel free to visit

The support of the Informatics Commercialisation initiative of Enterprise Ireland is gratefully acknowledged.

In collaboration with: Dept of Psychiatry: Professor Michael Gill , Dr Brian Fitzmaurice , Dr Cathy Roger, Ms Katie Armstrong