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Trinity College Dublin


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Autonomic Communication Coordination Action
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EU Framework 6 FET
October 1, 2004 - September 30, 2006

ACCA is a collaborative project aiming at outlining the scope of an emerging communication paradigm – autonomic communication in application to various aspects of communication and from viewpoints of different stakeholders. The vision is that of a world pervaded by ubiquitous communication facilities, offering their services to the users and capable of self-organizing and self-preserving their functionalities without any direct human intervention. This entails fundamental advances both in the architecture and functionality of the network, and in the characterization and understanding of the common communication medium.

KDEG’s contribution has been in roadmapping research in the following:

Modelling of the policy-based governance process for autonomic communication as a two way process focussed on mutual understanding of system and governors and the rapid stabilisation of policy set.
Providing a service that flexibly and securely delivers autonomic knowledge between autonomic agents based on content-based networking principles.
Establishing semantic models to start addressing the problem of evaluating adaptive and autonomic systems.

People Involved: