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Trinity College Dublin

3 x Phd Positions in the area of "Service Management: adaptation for social connectivity"

Closing Date: 
May 31, 2011

KDEG is offering 3 separate but complimentary sponsored Phd positions in the area of "Service Management: adaptation for social connectivity".

The research undertaken by the 3 students will build upon successful KDEG research in federation, semantic mapping, linked data, personalisation and content-driven adaptation, which have been applied in the areas of Network & Telecoms Service Management, Autonomic Systems, User-Centred Systems & Personalisation, Collaborative Working & Online Communities, Pervasive Services, Context & Management. Each Phd position will make advances on their own particular research topic but will benefit from collaboration with the other Phd students and the wider KDEG group as a whole.

The motivation for focusing on the service management for social connectivity research area, is that while users can freely access their home services, data and social net from anywhere in the world, when visiting another locale there are benefits to the user and to those in the locale of interacting with local variants of services, data and social nets/online communities. This is because the local variants possess local knowledge and specialisations needed to interact effectively with local situations and may offer cheaper alternatives. Example applications use cases can be seen in service adaptation for tourists and business people, for visiting students (linking home knowledge to local learning content) or for medical tourists (linking home medical record to local medical services and procedures).

The successful candidate will have an excellent academic record (first class or II.1 primary degree or a postgraduate qualification, e.g. M.Sc.) in Computer Science, or related discipline. They will be highly motivated, with strong communication skill and a demonstrated proficiency in software development and have good writing skills. They should have English language certification if English is not their first language, requirement being: IELTS: 7.0+, TOEFL iBT: 100+, TOEFL pBT: 600+, CEF: C1+, or equivalent.

For further information and informal contact, please contact either Prof. Wade, Dr. O'Sullivan or Dr. Lewis.
In your initial email please send:
- A targeted cover letter (600-1000 words) expressing your suitability for a position
- A complete CV

If you then would like to be formally considered for one of these positions, we would invite you to apply through the centralized Postgraduate Application Centre – use course code TRB21 to indicate that you wish to be considered for a TGI studentship at TCD. This system allows you to input everything you will need for us to consider your application including: academic record to date, references etc
The positions are sponsored as part of the the HEA PRTLI Telecommunications Graduate Initiative (TGI), see